Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where to Start?

I've decided to begin blogging about my family history. You see, I wish I'd started a long time ago, way back when my mom used to tell me about my ancestry. Unfortunately, I thought I had so many, more important things to do, and that I could do it "later". Well, my mom passed away this past October, and she was the last member of my immediate family, other than my sisters and brothers, none of whom know much more about our family history than I. Years from now, when my son may want to know more about his family, I hope he will be glad I finally decided to blog about our family tree. I'll begin with an overview of each generation, and perhaps go more in depth after.

 The next step, after deciding to "just do it", is deciding where to begin? I'm going to begin with my mother's side of the family. Her maiden name was

Dorothy Irene Cooley .  This is her Senior picture, circa 1951.

My mother was one of four children, and the youngest. Her siblings were,

Catherine Belle Cooley,

 Ralph William Cooley ,

  Paul Arthur Cooley .

Her father was William Blaine "Doc" Cooley .(Insert photo)

 Her mother was Mary Lois Peck . (Insert Photo)

This is a picture of them, on their wedding day

My Grandfather Cooley was a 32nd degree Mason, and was a member of the Scottish Rite. He had many occupations, was a pharmacist, hence the nickname "Doc", and also worked the the Philco Ford Factory.

My Grandmother Cooley passed away when my mom was 15.
My mom was much younger than her siblings, so they had all moved out by that time. I can remember her telling me how they lived out in the country, in Liberty, IN, when it was just she and her father. He often worked late, etc., and she would have to go down into the cellar, to put coal into the furnace when she would get home. She said it was often after dark, and being out in the country, there were no streetlights. She said it was so dark she couldn't see her hand in front of her face.

My mom's sister, Catherine Belle, married Chester Dawes .
(children to be added)

My mom's brother, Ralph, married Jessie Bird .

(children to be added)

Mom's brother, Paul, married Nancy Hornsby .

(children to be added)

If anyone has any additional information, or suggestions, please comment below.


  1. Welcome to the blogging community. I look forward to seeing your future posts. Family history is so exciting. Good luck with your blog.


    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement, as well as with your help :)

  2. I added a link to my blog about the FGS Conference to be held in Ft Wayne in August. Mark your calendar!!!


  3. Paul and Nancy Cooley had 3 children: Carol Ann Cooley, Ronald Paul and Nita No. Carol married Robert Jezierski and had 2 daughters, Sue Ann Jezierski and Tracy Lyn Jezierski. Sue married Gregory Moore and had 2 Sons, Grant Alexander Moore and Logan Michael Moore. Tracy married Robert Harrelson and had one daughter Rio Lyn Harrelson. Nita Cooley married Harry Rosenthal.