Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back Another Generation

I've found it more difficult to gather information, the further back I go. This post will be what little information I have on my great, great grandparents.

I have no photographs, and little information for an overview, but will include vital statistics, as best I can.

My great, great Grandfather, Abram C. (Cooly)Cooley, was born in New York, in the year 1813. He was a cabinet Maker, by trade.
His wife, Rebecca Clough(?), was born in North Carolina, or New Hampshire in 1818. (still checking this)
Their children were: Lycurgus Lafayette Cooley b. 1842, Elizabeth A. Cooley b. 1845, Alonzo C. Cooley b. 1848 and Lorilla Cooley b. 1850.

My great, great Grandfather, Edward Woodward, b. abt. 1818, in England. The 1880 Federal Census lists his occupation as a Bookkeeper. He married Sarah Adams, b. abt. 1819, in England. Their children were:
Theophilus Edward Woodward, b. 1848, Catharine Mary Woodward, b. 1849,  Jane E. Woodward, b. 1850 and George A. Woodward, b. 1852. (In a census, there was also a Mary A. Row listed, as living with this family, b. abt 1850, in Oxford, Butler, Ohio, but I can't quite determine the relationship to the family yet.)

On the other side, was my great, great grandfather, James F. Peck, born 1832, in Vermont, USA. He died 23 Apr, 1899, in Greenfield, IN.

His wife, Minerva A. Smith, was born 1835, in North Carolina.
They were married 31 Mar, 1853, in Rush County, IN.

Their children were: John Franklin Peck b. 1856, Joseph Reuben Peck b. 1858, Mary A. Peck,  b.1862,
Lou A. Peck b. 1866, Nancy Elizabeth Peck b. 1868, and Laura Peck b. 1865.

My great, great grandfather, Rufus B. Leonard b. 1836, in North Carolina. His wife, Harriet Eaton, b. 1844.
Their children were:
Nannie Belle Leonard b. 1865 and Eunice Leonard b. 1868. (My mother always told me Eunice's name was Connie, so I'm still trying to figure this out.)